Charlie Kristine

Professional Freelance Model

I'm a professional freelance model from Dallas, TX. I really just have a divine appreciation of life, a value of people, places and the world that surrounds us. Modeling has become a vehicle for me to get out there and just be with what I feel such a deep love and value for.

I love modeling and photography. It is exercise, followed by habit, to see the beauty, as oppose to the flaw; to accept, not to deny one another – to connect us by difference.

I respect individual goals and am here to offer supportive insight to help and develop your direction. I am open to hear new ideas and believe that possibility and direction are quite limitless in anything we put our minds to do.

Creativity, fantasy, visions, exploration, accomplishments, growth, expression; I want to be, am proud to be, and value being part of all of this… in my own strong opinion and belief.

Charlie Kristine
Charlie Kristine - Professional Freelance Model

Shawn Kurt

"DAGNABIT! Charlie is beyond belief in posing and contact before during and after the shoot. Just a wonderful person.
If I was destitute and homeless but, still had a kidney I would still consider a shoot with her and sell that sucker."

Xquisite Glamour Photo

Charlie Kristine
"Love your portfolio. Every pic has something special and beautiful. You're definitely a special model. Keep up the nice sensual work. I love it."

Sun Creative

Charlie Kristine
"Constantly brilliant work! Amazing portfolio from a gifted talent. Simply wonderful."

Steve Torres

Charlie Kristine
"OVery impressive how you have the skill to establish a convincing comfort zone in front of the camera. Good Work!"

Get in Touch with Me

Thank you for your curiosity, interest, and for including me. I look forward to our meeting and working with you.
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