Booking Notes

I come camera ready. For those who have specific requests for hair and makeup that are outside of the several looks I have comfortably mastered. I'm happy to have a licensed MUA to come get creative with us - just need to let him or her know the allergies I have to certain products, etc.

How to Book a Shoot with Charlie Kristine

Looking for a model who provides hair, make up, wardrobe, lighting assistance, basic camera guiding, has been recently published AND has location options all for one set fee, well you found her! Yup, I can arrange as much or as little as you want and my fee it the same either way.

Things to Know

My locations mean the utmost respect to the property owners. Images, descriptions and the zip code is what I release the day before the shoot. These are people who deserve privacy and if I'm staying there, I don't want the info floating around for the privacy of everyone until it's relevant.

Order of operations on booking goes something like this. One has to happen for the next to happen. Being on the same page is so important. What good is an appointment if we can't agree on content, right? I want us all to win and shine and LOVE what's going on. It's super important to me.

Steps to Book

  1. We name the content and goals of the shoot (sample shots invited or work that inspires you. I want to see and get on the same page as you.
  2. Come to the full understanding that I am a paid model and what that rate is (keep in mind all that I include). I want this stuff to be good and its going be. Don't be scared off. My rates match the rates of other professionals. 
  3. We sync dates, time frames, travel times and zip codes. 
  4. We exchange numbers, emails, and other forms of contact. 
  5. We summarize.
  6. We lock it all down with a deposit 1/2 down non refundable deposit. Paypal works and info will be sent on that as we discuss. If we need to adjust a little here and there, we and can. I will let you know what I can do.

For 2 hour slots, the half down deposit covers the work I turn down and what it costs me to just be there (hotels, food, rental cars) are not free because my shoot gets canceled. So please book with certainty.

Yes, the deposit goes towards your balance and if I cancel you get your money back.


PLEASE put your name, the date and time of the shoot in the comments on PayPal so I'm not trying to figure out who and what its for. I run other businesses that people PayPal and it can get rather confusing. This helps me run smoother.

Feel free to write anyone I have worked on Model Mayhem. Check out my over 300 verified credits, read my tags, friend me on Facebook (just let me know its you so I approve it). I take this stuff serious and of course have fun with it.

Super Affordable

If you plan and book in advance:

$130 an hour 2 hour min for up to non explicit nude poses (video work here is fine, light fetish).

$180 an hour 2 hour min for up to more overt styled poses (open leg, pink, spreads, close ups, certain genre of fetish work. No toys or insertion styled shots or motion picture. I show up camera ready, hair and make up ready to go, wardrobe, on time, and excited and ready to work and often times have a location option to offer at a great rate or if I can include no fee. I do my best for you.

Full days (6 hours). Snacking and water breaks here and there and if I'm lucky a five hour might get tossed in as a bonus (though I do pack my lunch too so I don't get grouchy and can be my best).

This rate can at times change in the summer, because travel goes up and I have to... sorry, I do everything I can to keep costs down. Summer rates will be posted when they apply. I don't like surprises either.


Shoots that are less than 4 days out to book, I do charge 75% down. No exceptions! I also charge a higher hourly. I've spent way too much time throwing last minutes together and that's not fair to guys who can book 4 plus days in advance. My base hourly for shoots scheduled less then 4 days out is $150 an hour for up to non explicit nude poses or $200 an hour for up to more overt styled poses (open leg, pink, spreads, closes up). No toys or insertion.

It pays to plan and book in advance. It saves us both money, energy, me mega stress and hair pulling out trying to accommodate. I really do like to make things work it does matter to me. I hope that comes across here. More time equals much better service.

Addresses are released (from my end) usually the day before. Please keep in mind that unless it's a commercial studio, I am very protective of the privacy of those kind enough to share they're personal spaces with us. Most of who and where I use are not deep into the photography world. This is something that they are being super kind to do and I very much protect them and their property for it.


2nd-8th Seattle
8th-12th Las Vegas (Halloween Expo 🎃)
13th-15th Dallas
15th-17th Houston
18th-19th/(20th ?) OKC
20th-31st Dallas

1st-2nd Dallas
2nd-6th/7th Houston
7th Dallas
8th-9th OKC
9th Dallas
10th-15th Central Florida
15th-19th Southern Florida
20th-24th Panhandle Florida/HattisburgMS
24th-28th Dallas

1st-6th Dallas
6th-15th Kansas City/Chicago/Ohio
15th-19th Dallas
19th-24th Las Vegas (Altitude Show 🔥) 😎
24th-27th Dallas
27th-31st Tennessee

1st-3rd Tennessee
3rd-8th St Louis (Shutterfest) 😎
9th-Easter 🐣 - OKC
10th-17th Dallas

On my radar -
New England
AZ/New Mexico

Venue Resourcing? if you want a studio and we are working together, just ask. I know many and can help find a fit for our shoot needs.

Try these sites:

Peer Space
Air Bnb (they have whole homes and venues)

Get in Touch with Me

Thank you for your curiosity, interest, and for including me. I look forward to our meeting and working with you.
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