Effective Marketing Tools - Podcast and Motion Picture Reels

March 14, 2019

Proven remarkably effective once again! Podcast and motion picture reels are such crazy, effective marketing tools! They always have been. Yet how easily one can brush these means of marketing off. Don't Avoid putting in what later is a trivial investment of your time in comparison to the work it does for us after it’s completed and released. Since that little casual podcast interview or discussion, I have had to hardly do any scouting for gigs. They have been coming in on their own in overwhelming number of email.

Fabulous! This morning I had five pages of email inquiring for full and half-day bookings for upcoming trips. Excellent. There are always obstacles however. As excited as I am about learning to produce content on my own, I’ve had to reroute my plan of execution due to a change in who is in and who is out. A short term mild obstacle (why do people do this the evening before a morning scheduled recording) is like a bug bite. You're aware of it and it’s annoying but whatever. Move forward.

I suppose in the long haul it only forces my palette of skills to be that much more broad and lucrative. Ones value as a mentor and producer will only grow that much more. Always life gifting us with these challenges asking how bad do you want it and develop ourselves that much more.

We really are so blessed with infinite resources, kindness and ability to connect to each other, and given many routes to get to where we want to be. We just need to quit focusing on what’s in the way and look past it to where we are going. The one thing I know is that there is always excitement in the mystery ahead when we lead with our heart, do our best, make our minds up and go for it. Positive output calls to positive outcome.

Progress and change always pave the way to outcomes that we often have not even seen, thought of, knew of or discovered yet. How cool is that. It’s an honor to be here in these times in this company of people.

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